Tryvium Desk Enterprise Features

Service Desk Bots

Dedicated Bots, as service desk touch point for the end users, that understands user queries and guide them to self-service with relevant knowledge base articles, or route to a right service technician.

Knowledge Base Integration

Knowledge base integration enables bot to fetch relevant knowledge articles for the end users based on the identified keywords and thereby allowing the end users to self-service their issues.

NLP Integration

NLP integration enables bot to converse intelligently with the end users by understanding their intentions and keywords used in the conversation.

Multi Level Visual IVR

Multi-level queue options can be defined based on the business and support services offered. These menus are listed to guide and serve the end user.

IVR Integration

Simple IVR call flows can be configured and mapped to the voice bots allowing to handle the inbound voice calls from the end users.

Round Robin Routing Stratergy

The incoming end user call requests will be routed to the available service desk technicians based on round robin routing strategy. End user call requests will be uniformly distributed and prevents load on the service desk technicians.

Live Agents

End users can reach-out live service desk technicians on requests.

Language Translation

Chat conversation between end users and service desk technicians are translated in real-time based on the end user's detected language and agent's preferred language.

Multi Agent Chat

Multiple service desk technicians can be conferenced in a conversation and this helps addressing the end user queries collaboratively.

Real Time Dashboard and Reports

Admin control has real time dashboards and exportable reports for monitoring Live sessions and measuring agent productivity along with various support metrics.

Call Recording and Chat Transcripts

Call recording and chat transcripts can be saved in the tickets and it could be referred to provide context aware conversations and support.

Canned Messages

Frequently responded messages can be loaded to the service technician's assistance application so that agents can send one-click responds for frequent questions.

CTI Features

Call Handling

Screen pop up within service desk support instance when the agent receives inbound or does outbound calls in Skype for Business. Automatic Caller Identification from existing service desk support customer profiles. Allows the agent to add new customer into the service desk support system in a click.

Click to Dial

The agents can initiate the outbound Skype for Business call with just a click from the service desk Support customer or ticket page. Also, agents can look up a contact and perform outbound calls from the CTI window.

After call Update

Enables agents to work on ticket notes after their call with the customers. Agents can log their call notes for the tickets from the CTI. Tryvium Desk will automatically update the call metrics such as Call StartTime, Call EndTime, Call Duration, and Call Direction (Inbound/Outbound) as part of the ticket notes.

Call Controls

The agent can perform all Tryvium Desk call control operations such as answer, reject, hold/resume, transfer, conference within the service desk support tool.

Work on Ticket

Agents can view the caller's new tickets, create tickets, search for tickets and update the ticket's notes affluently.

Multi Language Support

Support for agents on their preferred local language to work comfortably.

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